Saturday, August 06, 2005


George Galloway has Mr. Right a little pissed off. He's correct when he says they should lynch him, but I think they should cut his liver out first, then give Hanabel a call.

Brainster posted an informative look at the ratings of Air America. The good news is there's plenty of room for growth, plenty. He also posts about La Shawn Barber's comments regarding women and the White House. This is a good discussion and I'm sure the debate will continue for some time. I think Condi is a good fit for the VP slot next time around, and it's probably the best strategy for finally getting a woman in at 1600.

Funny how the LA Times finds the time and print space for this story but fails to mention that pesky loan problem over at Air America.

The NYT is wondering why it's harder to find heros.

Howdy, our Cobra pilot in Iraq, has received his orders to leave the country. I'm going to miss his blog entries detailing his missions.

***Here's a real-time look at the space shuttle's position.***

UPDATE: This post from Froggy Ruminations is simply too sweet not to share. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

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