Thursday, July 21, 2005


I was listening to Imus this morning (3 am pst) and heard that Andrea Mitchell was involved in an pushing and shoving match overseas. Actually, I think he said she was "bitchslapped." This morning I couldn't find anything about it, because I was looking for a story about her. It turns out that the story was about Rice's trip to the Sudan, where things got a bit nasty at a meeting there. I think there's more to this story than has been reported so far, and it's reminiscent of the problems Bush had when a host country's security forces refused to allow his bodyguard to accompany him. I think it was in South America, correct me if I'm wrong.

It concerns me that other Nations are treating our visiting leaders in this fashion and the apology Rice received doesn't make me feel any better about this latest trend. And what the hell is going on with the MSM media treating this story as a sidebar add-on? At the very least this should be a headline story. The situation sounded borderline dangerous to me.
After reading the article in USA Today, it seems Andrea Mitchell got the worst of the situation after she opened her big mouth at the wrong time and place, but, being that she's Andrea Mitchell, she couldn't help herself. Here's a snipet:

"The reporters were told not to ask questions, over State Department objections. When NBC diplomatic reporter Andrea Mitchell tried to ask el-Bashir about his involvement with alleged atrocities, guards grabbed her and muscled her toward the rear of the room. State Department officials shouted at the guards. "Get your hands off her!" Wilkinson demanded. But all the reporters and a camera crew were physically forced out as Rice and el-Bashir watched. "

Mitchell isn't one of my favorites in the media, not by a long shot; just watch her sometime during one of her lovefests with Chris Matthews or David Gregory on Hardball. It's vomit bag time for me. However, she doesn't deserve to be treated in this manner, nor does my girl, Condi.

Condi Rice can handle herself just fine, thank you, but the Sudanese had better watch themselves or Alan Greenspan will be forced to open a can of whoop ass!

Note: Get over to Lucky Dawg News for the latest scoop on another story that has been buried by the MSM. And Mrs. Media Matters has something that won't be on the MSM's radar, either. Blogging works.

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