Thursday, July 14, 2005


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should invite Dick Durbin to join their ranks so he can lead them in the fight against America's military, and finally send the USS Iowa to the bottom of SF Bay. The Iowa has spent many a tour of duty in hostile waters, but never has this proud Battlewagon suffered such a devastating enemy attack.

Michelle Malkin posts about San Francisco's leadership rejecting the USS Iowa on the grounds of the US military's policies towards gays. Even Dianne Feinstein has blasted the board's membership for their decision. I can't say I ever agree with her, but this time I do.

I don't think SF deserves to have a great naval icon like the Iowa docked in the Bay Area waters; she belongs in a port where she's celebrated, appreciated, and admired. She belongs around people that will show her off with great pride, and use her to teach our young.

I hope this latest slap at our military finally wakes up the great military community in and around the Bay Area. Now, maybe, they'll realize they are being humiliated by a band of left-leaning, bed-wetting, gay activists, who are putting their beliefs on how to live their personal lives above that of our military and its history. This is way beyond petty.

The military history of the San Francisco area is one of the proudest in our Nation; it deserves better leadership than this group of anti-military, anti-American lunatics have thus provided.

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