Tuesday, July 12, 2005


....when Pam over at Blogmeister USA came up behind me and tagged me "it" in the following meme: What ten events would you care to witness if you could travel back in time. Only witness, not change.

1. Around 1778 in New York when General Washington and his army were in utter despair. I would like to have been there to see him rally his officers and troops with the fighting spirit it took to eventually win against the British. Without Washington's genius, we wouldn't enjoy the life we have today. I've often thought he never got as mush credit as he deserved.

2. Lincoln practiced law as a young man in my hometown of Urbana, Illinois, a couple times. The courthouse still stands to this day. I'd like to have been in the courtroom to view his work.

3. Any day with General Patton during the final push into Germany.

4. August 1945 aboard the "Enola Gay" with Col. Paul Tibbets at the controls. The day the world changed forever.

5. On the "grassy knoll" in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963. Just to see for myself.

6. In the locker room at half-time of Super Bowl #1 listening to Vince Lombardi's speech. It must have been a good one, because in the second half Green Bay scored 21 points and KC scored zip.

7. Cocktails with Ronald Reagan on January 20th, 1981. Another day that changed the world.

8. Gilman, Illinois, December 1989, holding my mother's hand late at night as she died. She was alone and frightened.

9. On board the USS Abe Lincoln when "W" landed. What a proud day.

10. Sitting next to Dan Rather when he first realized that his career as a newsman was going down the shitter because of a blogger in pajamas. That was a good day.

There are so many events I would enjoy witnessing in history, but this is my list on short notice. I now "tag" Shadow of Diogenes, Mr. Media Matters, and Mrs. Media Matters for this meme. Looking forward to them.

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