Monday, July 11, 2005


The "who outed who at the CIA" story is now building up a big head of steam, and it looks to blow soon. I have no idea if Karl Rove is the guilty party but my first inclination is that he isn't. The dems, on the other hand, have high hopes that he is.

I just saw Harry "Lighthouse" Reid speaking on the subject, and while doing so he mentioned how this is a national security issue. Harry smells blood in the water. He and the other dems are circling their prey hoping for the green light so they can go in for a quick kill.

If Rove is guilty, the dems, and more importantly the MSM, will feed on his carcass for weeks on end. As of now, it's speculation as to who outed the CIA agent, however, the MSM has begun to nibble at Rove, anyway.

I'm more curious about Bob Novak's role in this affair than anything else.

Check out The RightWing Nuthouse's post about Rove.

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