Wednesday, July 13, 2005


After being scrubbed, the space shuttle sits on the pad waiting for the clock to begin ticking again. NASA just had their news conference and said this Saturday is probably the next possible launch opportunity. For the latest details about STS-114, click here.

***Marathon Pundit has a post about a man driving a van full of explosives in Illinois. This is scary stuff. Here's a taste:
A Cedar Rapids, Iowa, man was driving a van eastbound on Interstate 80 when he used the terms "bomb," "explosive," "Washington, D.C." and "president," over a CB radio, Princeton police Chief Tom Root told the (LaSalle) NewsTribune.

***Wide Awakes is posting about "America's Hiroshima." Not many talk about this possibility and I agree it's likely to happen.

***Dakota Pundit posts about a do-gooder in her locale that didn't do any good...and she admits to her own "bad parenting skills."

***Kitty Litter drags Steven Bochco into the litter box along with his upcoming tv show, "Over There". I'm betting he takes the low road on this one.

***Chris at Lucky Dawg News has a new video posted, and, as usual, it's a must see.
***Michelle Malkin has a great story about our newest American friend. Extra cheese on mine.

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