Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Ever wonder who's at the controls of the flight you're on? Well, thanks to a Homeland Security investigation, I can tell you about 40 pilots that won't be filing flight plans anytime soon, if ever.

As it turns out, HS was looking into the use of social security numbers and stumbled across some pilots that were gaming the system for personal gain, while putting the general public at risk. So far, here in Northern California, 40 pilots have been arrested for lying about their health conditions. Here's a sample from USA Today:

"Illnesses ranged from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to drug and alcohol addiction and heart conditions — all of which would disqualify them from holding a medical certificate, which is necessary to maintain a valid pilot's license."

Personally, I don't mind if the Captain of my flight is having a martini or two, however, bi-polar and schizophrenia are cause for concern. Shaken, not stirred. One olive.

***If you like to fish where the authorities are very PC with regards to breaking the law, then I've got the place for you. Datkota Pundit posts about the authorities in her area and how "sensitive" they are to the local lawbreakers. You'll get your limit with this post.

***It seems that Judith Miller is having some difficulties adjusting to her new confines. Specifically, her digestive system is grumbling over the menu offered at the hoosegow she finds herself in. I don't really care about her troubles, but I would like to know who she's covering for. Pam over at Blogmeister USA has taken the trouble to write poor Judith a Rx for her ailment. I wonder what kind of wine they serve with baloney sandwiches?

***I totally forgot about this last week and had to catch a re-run of it. And I forgot about it, again, until I checked in at Kitty Litter. The previews for tonight's episode look good. Thanks, Kitty.

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