Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm not a lawyer and the law isn't my strong suit, so I look to Hugh Hewitt and the boys at Power Line for my legal education regarding Mr. Roberts. He certainly seems qualified for the position and the ones I look to appear happy with Bush's choice. Well, Hugh might be a little more than happy. Having said all that, I will agree with what Mr. Media Matters had to say on the subject and leave it at that.


***Speaking of Mr. Media Matters, his lovely wife, Mrs. Media Matters, has a nice pic of Scotty getting his star in Hollywood. She's new to blogging and has just recently incorporated pictures on her site. About time! Trackbacks and a counter are in her future, I just know it.

***Some blogs feature videos and no one does them better than My Take On Things and Lucky Dawg News. I really enjoy the ones where the bad guys(terrorists) are getting their asses shot off in action. Can't get enough of that stuff. Recently, LDN took a post of mine about pilots cheating on their health status, re-posted it at his site but improved on it a bit. He included a video of a classic scene from the movie "Airplane." LDN has always been good to this site and it's most appreciated. Slide on over and take a look at their video selections, here and here.

***From the Feisty Republican Whore: In case you need a refresher course on why we're fighting terrorism, or you have some "libtard" friends that don't "get it," click here. This is a must see!!! Don't make me come over to your house.

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