Thursday, August 18, 2005


It's official, here in Folsom we're on Jihad watch. Not long ago a terror cell was exposed down the road in Lodi, but Folsom prison is just around the corner from me. Michelle Malkin says, "Keep an eye on this one." I agree, and I am. Later today I'll be talking to a friend who works at Folsom to see if I can get a little inside info.

Here's a pic of Some Soldier's Mom after pinning her son's new airborne wings on his chest. Service to country runs in her family and has for generations. Slide over to her site and take a read.

***NEWS ABOUT NEWS: Since I'm getting very sick of the pop-ups at Drudge's site, I've been spending more and more time scanning Power Line News. We might have a winner with this one. I like the stock ticker feature and how they highlight some of our favorite blogs. In the left margin they have links galore; in the middle is a map of the world with links to the major newspapers. And, no pop-ups !!

***A WORD ABOUT CINDY: Sacramento based Move America Forward is hitting the road next week for Camp Casey,Texas. If you think this's a circus now, wait 'til MAF pulls into town. It just keeps getting better and better. And, Cindy's husband thinks it's time for her to come home, too. (A must see video newscast about the caravan) Link at bottom.
UPDATE: Breaking news from Brainster...Cindy breaks camp.

***BTK: He's making his statement to the court as I type. Looks like the judge will be giving him about 175 years for his crimes. I disagree with that. I think the judge should set his sentence at "time served plus one day." Then announce that BTK will be released at noon on Friday from the steps of the court house. Justice would come swiftly.

***MRS. MEDIA MATTERS REFLECTS: When I started blogging I ran into the same problems she did, and I received tons of help from other bloggers. A big "thank you" is in order from me too.

***BITCH DOG?: You'll have to read this article to believe it. Hat tip: Ace of Spades

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