Monday, August 22, 2005


Move America Forward, a Sacramento-based organization supporting our troops and our President, is planning to leave the studios of KFBK enroute to Crawford, Texas. Caravans are leaving from all over the US headed to Crawford, but here at KFBK they've been met by about 150 Pro-Cindy supporters. What a mess! Lots of shouting and waving of signs. When they all end up in Crawford together, look out. Fur will fly. Developing as I type. More later.

UPDATE: MAF reports on the radio, KFBK, that in SF this morning there wasn't ONE protester in sight. Surprising.

UPDATE II: The caravan stopped here in Sacramento to do the afternoon show with Mark Williams. The organizer of this leg of the caravan is on the show now. Streaming here. (1-4 pst)

UPDATE III: Here's the caravan's driving schedule to Crawford. There are several stops along the way, so if your town is one of them, expect protests there too.

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