Sunday, June 25, 2006


Michelle Malkin post: Khobar Towers-10 Years Later. It's important to remember those who lost their lives in this murderous act. Sadly, we have too many of these events to remember.

Remembering our military is important. FISHER HOUSE not only remembers them, they support them and their families in times of need. Of course, everything FISHER HOUSE provides to our military is due largely to your direct support.

I posted about this outstanding organization a year ago after Denzel Washington made a generous donation to them. We usually hear of Hollywood types bashing our military, not supporting them. Denzel's act of generosity reminded me of a time when Hollywood was on America's side.

If you can, drop by FISHER HOUSE and toss a saw-buck or two in the hat.

***********OF NOTE***********

This is Tamarika, and she's my "wingnut" of the day. Maybe the week. Oddly, her pic reminds me of someone.

Paul at Shadow of Diogenes frequently poses questions to his readers, and today's question was, "Which nation of the world poses the greatest threat to American security?"

I gave my honest opinion. Later, when I checked back to see the other opinions, Tamarika had offered hers:

After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" I would have to say - America.
Posted by: Tamarika June 25, 2006 at 09:54 AM

Because many on the "left" still haven't received the memo that AlGore lost in 2000--it was in all the papers--the remark didn't surprise me. But I wanted to "pull the curtain back" a bit to learn more about Tamarika, and what I found was even less surprising: She's a teacher. Perfect. And later in her bio she mentions a "life partner," which I assume means there's NO MAN in her life. Not surprising, either. So, Tamarika, here's a movie I'm sure you'll enjoy. (UPDATE: Greybeard at Pitchpull added a colorful and fitting comment, too)

This is Tamarika's lucky day, too, because tonight on THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW, Andrea's guest will be Congresswoman Katharine Harris. Andrea's show broadcasts out of Orlando, Florida, and with Katharine Harris as the guest, you just can't help but think of AlGore.

So, Tamarika, I'm hoping you can join the show this evening. The live web stream is at WDBO 580 am from 9-11 PM EST.

Join the other listeners in Andrea's live in-show chatroom (upper right). You can chat with listeners as well as Andrea and her producer, Mark Vance. Both great Americans.

And, Tamarika, if you'd like to ask Katharine Harris a question, just give a ring, toll free, at: 1-800-329-5858. I'll be in the chatroom--look forward to seeing you. Who knows, maybe Andrea will make you famous. You just never know.

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