Monday, June 13, 2005


....but a Great American too. Denzel Washington's donation to the Fisher House got posted at a couple sites and that was the end of it. I made a note to post about the story, too, but it just sat there for whatever reason. The MSM didn't mention it as far as I could tell, either. No surprise there since it's a story about taking care of our troops. This story needs to be posted at all our sites.

Then "A Soldier's Mom" posted about Fisher House and the wristbands they are selling to raise money to take care of the troops. Our troops. The ones that are wounded and need our help. Mom's post got me motivated to post about it. The great thing about Fisher House is that all the money you send them stays with them. Their Admin costs run about 5%. "A Soldier's Mom" is an important site; stop by and say hello to her.

Denzel's checkbook might be bigger than ours, but your donation is equally as important. We have very few in Hollywood that stand up for the important things in life, so I think we should follow Denzel's example and send a couple bucks to the Fisher House and support the soldiers that need our help. You don't see the Jane Fonda opening her checkbook for our troops, do you? No, but she does issue "non-apology apologies" in order to sell tickets to her movies. Bitch.

Not only am I getting the purple wristband, I'm sending in enough to get the dogtags, too. I will proudly display them with the ones the Army gave me.

Hat Tip: PoliPundit and Gateway Pundit.

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