Friday, June 10, 2005


Lucky Dawg News says it scooped the MSM on the Los Alamos story. Take a look see.

I'm pretty sure Charles Rangel has pushed a little too far this time.


Arianna Huffington was on The Factor yesterday debating O'Reilly. This chick is out to lunch, a long one. If this is the best the left can do, then they're in for some turbulent times ahead. She couldn't debate her way out of a phonebooth. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Does anyone on the left ever put together these "Freedom Concerts" that celebrate America and its Troops, like Sean Hannity does? I watch all the cable outlets but I only see Hannity doing it. I may have missed them. Does anyone know? I hate to think the left only gets together to bash the President.

If you're waiting for a jury to decide your guilt or innocence, I would say Friday is not the best of days. I have a gut feeling today is Jacko's day. Just a feeling.

Congressman Paul Ryan's office called me yesterday to inform me they won't be getting any pictures of their Chief of Staff, Andrew Speth, from Iraq. I was going to post them here but he's not in a position to blog like some of the other troops. Too bad.

Mrs. Media Matters sent this for you to play with. Have your coffee first, though.

Major K was interviewed by the BBC. It turned out just as he thought it would. And, I'm proud to say I made the Major's list of Allies. My first Iraq blogroll.

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