Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Powerline has two must-read updates posted today. One is about Pepsico and the "speech" that won't go away. Pepsico is demonstrating "how not to handle" a PR problem; they're giving a free clinic on "putting your brand name at risk." ATTENTION all CEO's: Watch and learn. The other is on Kerry and the workings of SF 180. JFK must be on Pepsico's board.

***After Indra Nooyi issued her apology, Pepsico figured, and hoped, that all of you would chill-out and go about your business. Not happening!! Major E is still in the ring slugging it out with Pepsico. Pepsico is looking a bit dazed, and for good reason: The Major has cut the ring in half and Pepsico is running out of places to hide. Read about it here. If you feel like asking Pepsico about this, click here for all contact info.

***Kerry, like Pepsico, figured he'd sign SF 180, release what he wanted to the public, and that would be the end of it. Not happening here, either!! A Powerline reader submits his take on how SF 180 works and how Kerry is manipulating the process. He still can't shake that 1978 discharge, though. Read it here.

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