Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Trust me, I'm over the obsession with Kerry and I promise not to be snarky anymore. Here's what's cool around my neck of the woods:

***Major K wants to show you how you rank in the world of richest people. After you see it, you'll take a moment to be grateful. Check it out here.

***Lifelike Pundits says this man has truly gone nuts, and I agree. Just throw the shells on the floor.

***The "Kitty Litter" box is full. She'll show you how Terri Schiavo could've survived. Plus a great Kitty pic you shouldn't miss.

***Brainster on the Wizard of Weininess. See for yourself and add to the list.

***Lucky Dawg has a speech on video that's well worth seeing again. Lucky Dawg is the man.

***Mrs Media Matters never wore a uniform for the military, but this gal is up on the front lines. A true American Patriot. I love her.

***A Soldiers Mom will tell you how to vacation in Baghdad. I love her, too.

***Hurl is flying his Cobra around Baghdad, but he has to eat while CNN is on the tube. He's not too happy about it.

***And, since you've gone this far, try this. I hate this thing!!!!

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