Wednesday, August 16, 2006


For the past couple weeks I've been very unhappy (down in the dumps) with the situation in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. Today, John at OPFOR posted a simple quote by Reagan that puts it all in perspective. Nothing like the Gipper to lift your spirits.

Also, John took a trip to Pike's Peak--TOUCHING THE FACE OF GOD--and he's posted a great pic. While there, John was able to play 18 holes at the Eisenhower Golf course.

Two weeks ago, I took a daytrip with some friends. However, I wasn't able to touch the face of God, because my trip didn't take me to the heights that John attained--14,000 ft plus--but the view was just as beautiful.

Heavenly Valley's Tram at Lake Tahoe--the top of the mountain at 49 degrees. I suggest you take the trip if you're ever in the area. The golf course is Edgewood-Tahoe (right of casinos) and it's one of those courses you have to play one time in your life. $150--$200 a round; they throw in a cart, too!! I played it several years ago and was low score in my foursome at 99. Click to enlarge pics.

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