Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today I received a disturbing email from our good friend, Chris, at Lucky Dawg News.

In it, Chris says he's shutting down Lucky Dawg News because he's been hacked 3 times this month, and this time he was unable to repair it. He lost everything. He's frustrated and he says it isn't fun anymore, so he's throwing in the towel.

I can only imagine the frustration Chris is experiencing. His site was packed with great info, pics, and videos, most of which were directed at supporting our great nation, especially its fighting men and women. To not have this important site, Lucky Dawg News, in action, in the fight, will be a huge loss to the effort.

I hope that after a few days Chris will reconsider his decision, climb back on that horse, and begin anew.

Besides, to not have "The Dawg" on station, well, it just wouldn't be right. And I know everyone will agree with me on that point.

Chris, you know my number and email. Don't hesitate.

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