Saturday, December 02, 2006


Some of my good friends in the CPR chat room have been touting a particular libation of late. And it appears they're on to something. Apparently, this is the Rx for "living the life you want to live." But it comes with some warnings. So, salt or no salt?--that's the only question.

Speaking of libations...she's now enrolled at Bill Wilson U. But she's still blaming it on the Crackberry.

Bill O'Reilly has called on Dan Rather to show his documentation for remarks he made about Fox News. Something about Fox taking "talking points" from the White house. Rather, according to Bill, has agreed to come on The Factor and clear it all up. Stay tuned.

My question is: What will they do if there's an infidel in there? When I hear "The Flying Imams," I think of "The Dancing Itos." It's just me.

John Kerry should watch out for Mark Vance--the man's crazy!!

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