Thursday, January 04, 2007

MITT IN '08?

Mitt Romney seems to have it all. Comes from a good family, successful businessman, millionaire, Harvard educated, married, children, saved the Olympics in SLC--remember that one? Oh, and he's the governor of Massachusetts. (How did that happen, anyway?)

If you're planning to run for president, it helps to have a resume like he has. (His looks and hair don't hurt, either) However, there has been some talk about his religious affiliation--he's a Mormon. The Church of Latter Day Saints. Reminds you of JFK in 1960. A Catholic in the White House meant the Pope would be running the country. Of course this is all BS. I'm sure Romney's a good man, though I do have a problem or two with him on certain issues, but they're not quite deal breakers...yet.

I do, however, feel he has one big problem--it can be found in this post.

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