Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a press release regarding Sandy Berger's removal of documents from the National Archives. To sum it up for you: Berger got away with it. Period. Berger must have pictures of someone from inside the beltway with a farm animal. You and I wouldn't be in jail for doing this, we'd be under it. Here's a snip:

"Washington, D.C. – Oversight and Government Reform Committee Ranking Member Tom Davis (R-VA) released the following statement today on a committee report that sheds important new light on Sandy Berger’s theft of classified documents from the National Archives. The report makes it clear that the full extent of Mr. Berger’s document removal can never be known, and consequently the Department of Justice could not assure the 9/11 Commission that it received all responsive documents to which Mr. Berger had access."


“My staff’s investigation reveals that President Clinton’s former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger compromised national security much more than originally disclosed,” Davis said. “It is now also clear that Mr. Berger was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to compromise national security, apparently for his own convenience."

Enjoy the whole thing for yourselves.

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