Monday, January 08, 2007


As the United States of America (the operative word being "United") there is nothing we can't overcome or accomplish. We, as a "United" people, have demonstrated this time and time again. When the very fabric of our Nation was put to the test during both war and depression, we came through. We regrouped, rebuilt, and established the greatest Nation in the history of the world. Without a "United" front, especially within governmental leadership bodies, there is very little we can accomplish.

Since the new congress took over in the first week of January, a concept that is rarely used these days is now in play: Loyal Opposition. This is a concept that comes from the United Kingdom but has a history of use in the United States as well.

"In the United States, the most common application of the term is to refer to the major political party, such as the United States Democratic Party or United States Republican Party, which does not hold the office of President during time of war, most notably the Republican Party during World War II, implying an obligation for said party to cooperate fully and without reservation in the war effort. It is rarely if ever used in the United States during peacetime."

This concept, today, is ignored for political gain, thus putting us in grave danger. A couple examples of ignoring this concept can be found here and here. The first example, I think, borders on the criminal. But it's from Joe Biden, so it's no surprise.

Wednesday evening, the POTUS will give a speech about his plans for the war in Iraq. Let's see what the "Loyal Opposition" decides to do after the speech. To not support the President is to put our Nation in danger, as well as the men and women who are already in harm's way.

Watch and learn.

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