Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last Friday, LTC Buzz Patterson was interviewed by Mark and Andrea regarding Jack Cashill's article in WND. In that article, Cashill describes the motivation behind Sandy Berger's trip to the National Archives and subsequent theft of top secret documents. Cashill also revisits LTC Patterson's position as an aide to then President Clinton. Enter--Operation Bojinka.

TONIGHT, ANDREA WILL BE INTERVIEWING JACK CASHILL. Cashill's article is of great importance--so is this interview. The Clintons will do whatever it takes to keep a lid on this story, to not have Bill's presidency marred, and most importantly, to not have anything connected to husband Bill spill over to Hillary and damage her run for the White House. The MSM and the Justice Dept don't seem interested, but writers like Cashill and Patterson are. Bloggers must involve themselves as well.

Andrea's show will be broadcast live via the internet on WDBO Orlando at 9 PM EST.

Join the live in-show chat room here.

Call the show toll free at 1-800-329-5858

See you there.

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