Monday, February 12, 2007


In his latest article, Jack Cashill continues with the Sandy Berger theme. This time he covers the Berger-China connection, satellites, and the ever-hungry Clinton money machine. What happened with China, according to Cashill, makes the stealing of documents from the National Archives look tame. Don't forget, Berger will get his security clearance restored by 2008. From the article: (link is down--keep trying)

"This story merits its own book, but what deserves immediate comment is the willingness of Berger and the Clintons to risk everything to keep the cash pipeline open. In his purloining of the National Archives, Berger risked everything once again. He and the Clintons have apparently come to take the major media’s complicity for granted."

"As for Schwartz, he kept the cash pipeline open and full. Before he was through, Schwartz and Loral would donate roughly $2 million to the Clinton cause. Whether Schwartz gave additional money or favors off the books is a question that deserves asking. Before his untimely death in April 1996, Brown was reporting that he had."

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