Saturday, June 16, 2007


This morning I was looking around for the latest on the Amnesty Bill. Lots of stuff out there. Some posts are packed with info and quite lengthy, but this post by Christi at CSA sums up the whole situation in two short paragraphs. Plus, she adds a cartoon video that adds to the simplicity of the explanation.

The CSA post mentions the Boston Tea Party. Actually, Christi alludes to the BTP; the video mentions it. Yesterday, a friend said that if congress continues to ignore the will of the people, a modern-day version of the Boston Tea Party could take shape. I agree.

After all this talk of the BTP, I thought a picture would be appropriate. I found a good one from a children's video cover. As good as the picture was, I found the attached description to be more interesting. Here's a snip:

"ON MORATORIUM - Sorry, The Studio Has Withdrawn This Title - We can no longer get it for you. - PBS developed this animated series to offer children an entertaining way to learn about American history."

Can't get it anymore or won't? PBS development...hmmm. Walter Cronkite as Ben Franklin? (bad casting, to be sure) Again...hmmm. I'm probably reading too much into this...hmmm.

Since we're talking about history, Pam at Blogmeister USA took time away from her extensive "writing and business empire" to take the kids to The Museum of Natural History in NYC. During the obligatory stop at the gift shop, she found one gift that comes with an agenda attached. They think of everything.

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