Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Talk of congress is widespread on the blogs. The "Comprehensive Immigration Con Job" has had many up-in-arms of late, and with the reintroduction of this bill surely to hit the senate floor any day now, I suspect more will get involved.

While cruising the blogs, I noticed that Pam at Blogmeister USA posted about congress' approval rating slipping to new lows. This is a hot topic and I'm glad to see Pam's on it. In addition to Pam, The Andrea Shea King Show--Sunday nights--has been focusing on congress and will continue to do so for quite some time.

This Sunday, a representative from "Real Clear Politics" will be on the show discussing the latest in polling data posted at their site. It should be an interesting show. They have tons of data about the candidates, congressional and presidential job approval, as well as related topics. If you like reading polls--I never did but I'm getting into it--RCP has enough info to keep you busy.

To get you started, here's a list of polls at RCP that will spark your interest. For a more comprehensive look at each of these polls, click the link in the lower right-hand corner after each poll. And, if you'd like more info about the polling questions, click the name of the polling organization.

Of note:

Republican Candidates--Rudy still out front; Fred slides into second place as McCain continues to wave good-bye to the White House.

Democrat Candidates--HRP and Obama still holding strong at first and second, respectively; Gore awaits word on his Nobel Peace Prize.

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