Monday, August 27, 2007


The Andrea Shea-King Show last night was a big success. "Thanks" go out to all who showed up and participated in the chat room and to those who tuned-in across the country. The show's making new friends each week.

The show began with Fox News military analyst, Col. David Hunt. He gave a grim assessment of MS-13 gang activity here in the United States. He also touched on the war effort and what he thinks should be done.

We mentioned earlier that the show has extended an open invitation to all the presidential candidates. Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, took advantage of the opportunity and spent the better part of 30 minutes talking with Andrea. Some of the topics Hunter discussed were immigration, the North American Union, and the latest news on our imprisoned border agents.

Dr. Jerome Corsi just returned from Canada and gave us an after-action report on the status of

If you missed the show, here's the link. Click on the show's podcast (8-26). Also, you can listen to Kristinn Taylor's interview from last week. Enjoy.

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