Friday, September 07, 2007


MOVE AMERICA FORWARD has posted the caravan report for Day 3. The report covers the caravan's stops all the way through to San Diego, and the news is all good. I'll be posting more updates as they come in. Currently, the caravan is in Texas. The people riding in the caravan are exhausted but they'll post updates as they find the time. And let me add, Catherine and Danny are doing a first-rate job of writing and posting pictures. The volume of information they give us in these reports is beyond what we ever thought they would have time for given their gruelling schedule. Thanks.

**The Radio Patriot has an in-depth report, so get on over and take a look. ***UPDATE*** Do not miss Andrea's update--in bold red--from Melanie Morgan. This is truly amazing!!!

**To see when the caravan will be stopping in your town, click here.

**Please consider DONATING something--anything--to MAF to help pay for this cross-country caravan. It's all for OUR troops. Be as generous as you can.


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