Thursday, August 30, 2007


Christi King--COMMON SENSE AMERICA--has posted some updates about the immigration situation in Arizona and from her home state of Missouri.

Arizona passed a new set of immigration laws directed at employers that will take effect in Jan '08. Even though the laws haven't gone into effect, the state is noticing some big changes--illegals are moving, probably to your state. Read about Arizona here.

Since Oklahoma's Randy Terrill submitted tough, new legislation directed at the "illegal" problem in his state, the governor of Missouri has decided his state had better get tough as well. The sweeping changes he's outlined will most certainly get the attention of neighboring lawmakers in Iowa and Illinois. Read about Missouri here.

Everyone agrees that you can't round-up the millions of illegals in this country and deport them. However, if handled like Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri, the illegal population will begin to self-deport, first from these states to others, then back to their countries of origin. The sooner the better. (Terrill should use that as his slogan)

THIS JUST IN: Florida attempting to pass similar legislation too.

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