Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR" got off to a great start Monday in Carson City, Nevada. Lots of flag-waving, patriotic Americans came out to support the caravan as it began its journey east to Washington, D.C.

Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Duncan Hunter, traveled to Carson City to deliver the keynote address to the crowd. BTW, on Sunday night, Duncan Hunter, while en route to Carson City, took the time to call Andrea's show in Orlando to talk about his upcoming speech at the opening day of the "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR". The call from Hunter was in the first half hour, and you can hear the segment here (9-2). Prior to his call, Andrea opened the show with a tribute marking the official end to WWII, so you won't want to miss that.

After the opening events at Carson City, MAF's caravan hit the road for Sacramento, fighting their way through the Labor Day traffic. After Sacramento, it was on to the womb of liberalism, San Francisco, then on to Modesto. Currently, the caravan is headed to Fresno, Los Angeles, and ending the day in San Diego.

The caravan is planning for 27 stops along the way, so check the itinerary to see when they'll be arriving in your city. Ruberry, they're headed your way!!

For daily reports and pictures of caravan rallies, just click here.

To HELP SUPPORT Move America Forward, go here. This cross-country, pro-troop caravan isn't cheap--give whatever you can.

Posting about the caravan on your blogs would be greatly appreciated by everyone at MOVE AMERICA FORWARD. The Radio Patriot posted here. Michelle Malkin's post is here. Heading Right is here. Join them!!

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