Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yesterday, while messing around with her camera, she composed this photo of herself in a round, table mirror. She says she doesn't take a good picture but admits this one isn't too bad. Isn't too bad? I think it's a beautiful picture.

When she blogged full-time, her work ranged from witty and amusing to serious and educational. Often her work had impact. For her, she admits, blogging is additive, and because of that reality she stepped away from it in order to pursue her other interest: writing. We miss her blogging.

When I first began blogging 3 years ago, she's one of the first people I had the pleasure of getting to know. Since she doesn't blog anymore, our contacts are reduced to an occasional comment at my site or an email thread. I miss her blogging.

Almost everyone who knows her work, loves her. John Kerry wishes people like her didn't blog, ever. I posted about it. (to save her the comment, she'll be the first to admit she wasn't alone in this effort)

When I was faced with the most devastating and challenging event of my life, my phone rang; her voice was on the other end.

Powerful medicine.

It's a beautiful face. It's the face of Kitty Myers.

One day, when she returns to blogging, you can see her work at Kitty Litter. But for now, you can enjoy her work as a writer by going here.

We miss your blogging.

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