Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I know we're all supposed to be talking about Obama, Her Royal Pantsuit, and John McCain, but I don't feel they're all that important right now. Just me, I guess. It all seems like a distraction to me, especially since I expect the candidates vying for the White House to make mention of a bill that would allow the following:

A new plan by a California lawmaker would allow schools to be used to promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, and let teachers in public district classrooms "inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism," according to a traditional values advocacy organization.

"Just when we thought the indoctrination in California's public schools couldn't get any worse, state lawmakers introduce bills that will further brainwash innocent children," said a statement from Capitol Resource Institute, a traditional values and family advocacy organization based in California.

Think I'm making this up? Think again. Here's the DEMOCRAT who proposed this bill:

Now comes the plan, SB 1322, from state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Democrat elected from the state's 27th District, including the towns of Artesia, Avalon, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Lakewood, Long Beach, Lynwood, Paramount, Signal Hill, South Gate and others.

And some of the Marxist instructors now teaching YOUR youngsters will especially enjoy one of the benefits this bill will provide:

"This bill would also strike the law that a public school or community college employee may be fired if he or she is a member of the Communist Party," the group said.

Do you still feel like talking about Obama, Her Royal Pantsuit, and John McCain? File this one under WTF? As in, What. The. Fuck?

Read the entire article here. Vladimir Lowenthal's website here. Wiki info on him and family here. (some of his relations hold city council positions, of course)

Read all about SB 1322 here. (hit the link for SB 1322 on the list, then hit the HTML or PDF link at the bottom for a full reading of this manifesto)

Oh, just a reminder: William F. Buckley died a week ago. Just sayin'.

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