Monday, December 22, 2008


Have you had a chance to stop, catch your breath, and look back on all the changes we've been through in recent months? Because so much has taken place, it's difficult to put it all together from memory. And then there's trying to figure out why it happened and who the hell's the blame. Two things are certain: our lives have been forever changed, and the government isn't asking why this happened.

Seems odd to me that our government hasn't launched an investigation into what caused a complete breakdown of our financial systems. After all, this wasn't a simple market correction, which happens from time to time, it was a complete Three Mile Island, China Syndrome type breakdown!

Don't you think it would be prudent to figure out why this happened so it doesn't happen, again? Or, could it be that we already know what caused this catastrophe, and that political correctness prevents it from being mentioned?

American Thinker has a piece that walks us through the great train wreck of '08:

"Was Henry Paulson so prescient that he really did time the crisis almost perfectly, announcing the urgent need for a bailout almost exactly as the financial system really did collapse? Or did he cause that collapse?

We'll never know, but I think Paulson and his bailout only made things worse. I think McCain would have won the election if he had come out against the bailout. I think President Bush would have had a very defendable record over his two terms if he had not supported every bailout ever conceived in his last four months in office. But now, even I, who had been one of his few supporters, have to regard Bush as a failure."--continue reading.

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