Monday, December 22, 2008


In 2009, we'll still be facing economic crisis, bailouts, rising unemployment and probably a couple international events. Quite possibly, a domestic terror attack. In other words, we'll be distracted with one crisis after another.

Roy Beck at NumbersUSA points out that some in congress are banking on you being distracted. While you're watching the geniuses in congress addressing the latest crisis, they'll be quietly moving one of their long-planned pieces of legislation through the back door. Here's a snip:

"A Fort Wayne, Ind., paper says Sen. Lugar thinks Americans will be so distracted by the bad economy that he will be able to slip the DREAM Act amnesty through the Senate this next year. It is always sad when a truly distinguished statesman, with a record of level-headed leadership, embarrasses himself with outlandish open-borders positions, but it happens all the time. Let me tell you why Lugar's dream of amnesty for illegal-alien teenagers is an attack on American workers."--the rest at NumbersUSA.

More from Roy Beck.

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