Monday, November 16, 2009


Catching my eye this morning and over the weekend:

*Nothing at all to see here. It was a "Chicago suicide," I'm sure--Malkin has much more with updates.

**Possible VP candidate? I say it's too early but he comes from good stock.

***Jimmy Carter defends his handling of the Iranian hostage crisis...again.

****Look Under the Hood for the latest on Jodie Evans and Code Pink. Update: WSJ picks up the story.

*****Today, Roger Ebert is a frightened individual. Why? My theory: When the Princess Theater was renamed the Cinema, Ebert never got over it. Main St. Urbana was never the same, either. Even the food at Curry's Cafe didn't taste the same. The '60s was a turbulent decade.

******WorldNetDaily's Surfin' Safari--Andrea Shea King.

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