Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The Andrea Shea King Show at 9 PM ET

Arizona congressional candidate Jesse Kelly will be joined by Melanie Morgan, co-founder of Warriors for Congress. Kelly has his eye on Arizona's eighth district, and with the endorsement of Warriors for Congress, will make a fine addition to Arizona's congressional delegation. Kelly possesses something few have in Washington DC these days: leadership.

This evening Andrea will be asking Kelly about his qualifications, positions on the important issues of the day. Morgan, who has extensive experience in politics and managing large organizations, will be outlining the goals of Warriors for Congress. One thing's for sure, we need people with leadership capabilities in Washington DC, and WFC was established to do just that.

Tune in at 9PM ET. Call the show at 646-478-4604

Visit Melanie Morgan's site. Andrea writes at The Radio Patriot


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