Sunday, May 02, 2010


In his Washington Examiner column, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit writes about the future of the Tea Party movement. Reynolds explains where the real work is being accomplished. Reynolds attended the April 15 Cincinnati TP rally:

"But although that rally -- and the hundreds like it around the country that day -- was a scene of great excitement, that kind of excitement isn't the future of the Tea Party movement. The future, instead, is something much less glamorous, but much more important, than mass rallies and marches." --continue reading.


Big government spending is one of the issues fueling the Tea Party movement. Here's a congressional scorecard listing who voted for some of the biggest spending programs in the history of mankind--from TARP to Health Care Reform. For information on how this scorecard came about, click here.


Instapundit documents his many travels through photography, and uses a variety of equipment. He has a good eye for composition too. My favorite is of Instawife surfing the 'net in the middle of the night. As if standing her post, she seems to know that the enemy never sleeps...


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