Friday, October 29, 2010



DAY 11 took the TPX crew through the once great state of Illinois, with rallies in Springfield and Frankfort. With only a few days remaining until election day, TPX IV will be busy to the end. Tour embed Andrea Shea King has coverage from Springfield.

DAY 12 takes the caravan into Michigan for three rallies:
Jackson--10 AM; Waterford--4 PM; Monroe--8 PM. For this crew, the weather is turning cold and the schedule growing longer, but this is nothing new to them. Once, on TPX III, they held 6 stops in one day... and I think it was in Michigan too!

A REMINDER: Tea Party HD and are still bringing you the best TPX IV coverage in the nation, so tune in if you can't attend a rally in person. And be sure to tell a friend, family member, co-worker--even people you don't like. Tell 'em all.

SUPPORT TEA PARTY EXPRESS with a generous donation.

As you browse the internet, do stop by and see a few of the dedicated bloggers who help us promote TPX IV: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom; Melanie Morgan at Melanie; Barbara at American Freedom; and John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit.

Later today, THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will broadcast "live" from the road--somewhere in Michigan--at 9 PM ET. No reason not to be there.

As Andrea reports in from the road, I will post the updates down below. Check back.

UPDATE: Andrea sends this Politico piece about Amy Kremer. Also, the WSJ is covering Amy as well.

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