Thursday, April 14, 2011


This story is via Drudge. After looking through their voter registration rolls, Ohio state officials have found 18,460 corpses who are registered to vote. In a move to improve the integrity of their voting systems, they're removing these people--corpses--from the "active" voter roles. Seems reasonable. But wait...

The story is short
and basically all it says is what I wrote above. But I noted that the reporter failed to ask the obvious follow-on questions: 1. Did any of these dead folk vote in the last election? 2. If they did, where did they vote and who did they vote for?

I would think that Ohio state officials could determine the answers to my questions within a few simple keystrokes. Also, I would think that any politician who lost a close election back in Nov '10 would be most interested in the answers to my questions.


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