Monday, April 11, 2011


Why is Donald Trump pushing the Obama eligibility issue? I don't have a clue. And I suspect only a few know the real answer to that question.

Whatever Trump's motivation, it's a good thing that someone with a platform, a voice, and guts, is sounding off on what could be the biggest constitutional crisis since Nixon finally realized his political fortunes were headed for chapter 7.

I do know Trump is not a "shot and a beer" kinda guy; he's not "working class" by any stretch of the imagination. In the success category, Trump is an over-achiever, fabulously rich and lives in a world few could understand. Trump also has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's not just rich and famous, he carries around with him the responsibility that comes with all that success--he's a producer. He creates. What's more, Trump's a survivor.

People view Trump as a self-promoting builder of high rises, each adorned with his name. But Trump is not just a name--Trump's a brand. It's true, Trump builds, he promotes, he creates, and not just buildings, either. Trump creates the one thing Obama couldn't create if his life depended on it: jobs. Obama talks about creating jobs, Trump just does it.

Again, I have no idea what motivates Trump when it comes to the eligibility issue. I just know he has brought the issue to the forefront and it's not going away until the question is answered. Who will answer the question? Well, it'll either be congress, the MSM, or the more likely source will be the "new media." I'm going with the NM.

For those on the right who've gone to great pains to label this issue as a conspiracy theory, and those of us who pursue it as conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, fringe elements and the like, I have a piece of advice for you: get with the program lest it hits you like a freight train, because this issue is about to pull into the station.

And for those of you who bravely pursue the eligibility issue, I have some advice for you as well: limit your questioning, your investigation, to what you actually know is true. For now, we do know Obama's father, Obama, Sr., was not an American citizen and therefore his son--your current president--is not eligible under Art 2, Sec 1 of the constitution.

The other undisputed fact: your president refuses to show a long-form birth certificate, fights its exposure through the court system, and will not identify the actual location of his birth, i.e., the hospital. Of course, a court or congress could visit art 2, sec 1 and "reinterpret" what our Founders meant by it, thus giving Obama the green light to finish the job of destroying what remains of our nation. In my opinion, this will not happen, and if it does, it will not stand. Period.

Today, we are John Galt. Even Donald Trump.


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