Thursday, August 18, 2011


Posted by Ann Barnhardt August 18, AD 2011:

Those would be two discrete topics.

1. The Obama regime is now in full-blown political vendetta mode and is "probing" Standard & Poor's in retaliation for their downgrade. Two things:

A.) None of these people in the ratings houses are angels - don't get me wrong - but the financial regulatory bureaucracies in this country are manned by gross incompetents and function as de facto extra-legal enforcement mobs. The Brown Shirts are already here and have been here for quite some time. They are in these financial regulatory bureaucracies. They "punish" whoever the regime says needs to be punished and they steer and force blacklisted firms into financial non-viability and then facilitate the acquisition of whatever remains by the regime-friendly firms for pennies on the dollar. At the same time, massive ponzi schemes, blatant frauds and obvious criminal activities are overlooked so long as political donations go to the "right people". I have stories. Dear God, do I have stories . . . .

B.) Moody's and Fitch need to back S&P's play - and should have done so right from the beginning - and downgrade the U.S. too. Goodness knows a downgrade is more than warranted. These ratings outfits need to stick together. But, I have no idea if someone high-up in Moody's or Fitch is in bed with the Obama regime. It is all so corrupt and incestuous that it would be naive to assume that they are honest. BUT, they need to wise up and realize that Marxists have no sense of loyalty and will turn on them in a heartbeat when it suits their cause. With Marxists, it is kill or be killed. Just ask the 61 million Soviets or the 85 million Chinese that were murdered by their Marxist governments.

C.) Finally, one more time because I get the very strong sense that most people in this country simply aren't comprehending the financial situation: NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT that is based on "paper", "contracts", "notes" or "promises" is safe. Zeros and ones on computer servers are NON-EXISTENT ENTITIES that, up until this point, have been deemed by society to have value and meaning based upon the full faith and credit of the United States government and the financial system as a whole. We now know that the United States Government is completely DEVOID of faith OR credit, is totally insolvent, and is populated by the scum of the known universe. The same pretty much goes for the financial system. Moving your stock holdings from one portfolio profile to another, or from stocks to bonds, or even from stocks to cash is not really accomplishing the objective, which is to become as far removed from promise-based instruments as possible. If and when the big poop hits the big fan, the only things that will have any value whatsoever are things that you can physically stand in from of with a long gun and defend. And I'm dead serious. You can't physically defend zeroes and ones on a computer server. You can't even defend those pieces of paper that say "Federal Reserve Note" across the top, because the government can render those worthless without having to physically confiscate them simply by printing trillions more of them . . . which they are getting ready to do any day now. Long guns (Not handguns, people. You don't fight wars with pistols.), ammunition, freeze-dried food or MREs, water, water, water, fuel, medications, more guns, more ammo, more water, barter currencies (silver coinage), wealth-storing currencies (gold), more guns and more ammo - these things you can physically defend. Therefore, they are REAL ASSETS.


2.) I tweeted an article earlier this week on the American Psychiatric Association moving to normalize pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Guys, this isn't some fringe outfit. The APA and the DSM is THE benchmark psychiatric text used in legal proceedings and the drafting and contesting of legislation. The APA normalized homosexuality in 1973, and instantaneously our societal and civilizational collapse commenced. But, I think everyone is missing a key point and motivation in all of this pedophilia stuff. Sure, pedophiles like Obama's "Safe-Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings want to be able to rape boys with legal protection.

(Google these terms: "Kevin Jennings Fistgate" and read up on how this guy organized pedophilia seminars for elementary school students teaching them how to cruise public restrooms and engage in the horrific evil of "fisting". exposed all of this in 2009 and NOTHING was ever said anywhere in the media, including Fox News. That was all the proof I needed that Fox News was in the tank just as much as all of the other outfits. Obama literally appointed a known pedophile to be "Safe-Schools Czar" and no one said a damn word.)

What this pedophilia legalization really has to do with is SHARIA LAW. In islam, men are allowed to have sex with children and infants. It is fully legally sanctioned not only by imams issuing doctrinal fatwas, but also by the hadiths and the koran itself. Pedophilia is intrinsic to islam. There are multiple citations in the koran ratifying and glorifying sex with children of both sexes. I covered those in my koran-burning YouTube video. The reason the APA is moving to "normalize" pedophilia, or as they call it, "attraction to minors", is so that the deck will be cleared for muslims and Sharia, and there will be no way to prosecute muslims for child rape.

Hillary Clinton is pushing the U.N. law that would make "defamation of religion" a crime. Of course by "religion" they are referring to islam and islam alone - even though islam is NOT a religion. But that mis-categorization is all part of the plan. Arresting and trying muslims for child rape would be in conflict with this U.N. muslim-supremacy act, thus pedophilia must be legalized and sanctioned in the U.S. statutes and in stare decisis (legal precedent). The fact of the matter is this: if my government legally sanctions pedophilia, then that government is not only dead to me, but it is my enemy. That is the ONLY moral response to such an act of evil. Get your heads around this, people. There is no way a moral human being can rationalize or justify allegiance to a government that sanctions the rape of children and infants. Lock and load.


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