Sunday, March 11, 2012


John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit is covering one of my favorite topics: the fall of the State of Illinois. Using his new feature, Marathon Pundit Video, Ruberry covered Dick Morris high atop The John Hancock Center as Morris commented on the situation Illinois finds itself in. Now don't get me wrong, I like the state--I was born there--but what Illinois is going through financially is a lesson that we all need to learn.

Illinois and California are in the same financial boat, so to speak, and that boat is takin' on water in the form of debt and a shrinking tax base. There's no goin' back to the port to pick up more cash. There is no cash. The important lesson here, as painful as it is, is that progressive policies do not work , never have, and never will. They all end in financial catastrophe.

What Illinois and California are about to go through is the result of many years--decades--of liberal, progressive spending policies and sweetheart deals with the unions. The resulting financial carnage will not be pretty nor will it be easy to get through, except for the politicians who've brought us to the brink of ruin. Each of them, as well as their loved ones, will be just fine. One more thing to consider here: this carnage I speak of is unavoidable. When you're bankrupt, you're bankrupt. There's going to be a painful period of recovery, and that time is nearby.

As we observe Illinois and California go through the process of total financial collapse, know too that other states are not far behind. These are just two of the worst cases on record, and since I was born in one and live in the other, I pay particular attention to what Ruberry posts on the subject.

The takeaway for me is this: We're told over and over again that liberal, progressive spending policies have brought us to this point. This is true. But it isn't quite accurate to say only liberals--democrats--are the cause of this financial failure and breakdown of the system. No, there was another party involved here as well--the republicans.

Oh, really, you say? Unless the democrats have super-majorities, they must have cooperation from the party across the aisle for passage of these massive spending plans that are repeated year after year, decade after decade. It's not one year of ridiculous spending that brings a state or the Federal government to its knees, it's years of cooperation from both sides that has brought this horror story to your household.

Both republicans and democrats share the same set of sheets, they attend the same cocktails parties that you aren't invited to but get to pay for. In other words, you and your loved ones are the suckers who get to pay for this mess, suffer through the many years of recovery and all the while the MSM telegraphs to you that it's the other party's fault. Bullshit on that.

Criminals of this nature have no real allegiance to any party or country, and until you get that through your head, you and your loved ones are doomed. These son-of-a-bitches holding political power--no matter the party--should be in jail, or under the jail for putting in jeapordy the greatest nation known to mankind. If America fails, the world fails. And when that happens, then you'll understand the true meaning of suffering.

Since we're speaking of John Ruberry and his Marathon Pundit blog site, I'd like to point out that John was linked in Andrea's Surfin' Safari column this week at WND. It was the lead story and it involves Derrick Bell and Critical Race Theory. So check out this week's Surfin' Safari.


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