Friday, May 20, 2005


The week started the same as the last one with the Senate fighting over the judge issue. Then Newsweak stepped up and ran a Dan Rather hit piece that blew up in their face. Sweet justice.

Then Pepsi's CFO graduation speech starts showing up all over the internet. Lots of people upset over that one, but as of Friday, Pepsi doesn't seem think you're "really" that mad. We'll see.

Then the New York times runs a hit piece on our military from 3 years ago. Some say the NYT was just trying to circle the wagons with Newsweak. I think the NYT simply hates our military and would've ran something negative anyway.

Then I get up this morning (pre-coffee stages) and have to look at Saddam in his Jockey shorts. From a jail cell, he's still torturing people.

And, finally, MSNBC reports this evening that The Insider and Entertainment Tonight both paid for the rights to Mary Kay Latorneau's wedding, which is being held tonight in Washington State. There's your media for ya. Teacher rapes her 6th grade student, goes to prison, later to marry him, and the media thinks this is a good thing to put on TV.

Speaking of teacher/rapists: I find it curious that many of these teachers are strikingly good looking, and the media seem to follow them around like they've accomplished something worthy of their coverage. I found this teacher/rapist, she committed the same crime, but nary a camera is rolling, except for the mugshot. I wonder....

Have a great weekend everyone.

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