Thursday, May 12, 2005


I'm an Apprentice freak. There, I said it, and if you can't stand Trump, no need to continue reading. As far as reality shows go, this is the best by far. It's real life stuff and reality doesn't get any better than real life.

Two weeks ago the show was down to three wannabe Trump employees, so they put the three through the interview process with a bunch of corporate big-wigs, in an effort to eliminate the weak link and get the show down to the final two. Craig got the boot, and anyone who watched the episode could see that one coming from a mile away. Poor interviewer.

And then there was Tana and Kendra to face off in the final task.

The final tasks are always huge events, bigger than either of them have ever faced in their working lives, and to make matters worse, Trump assigns them three assistants each from the previous batch of firings, and, of course, all six of them were the least manageable of the group. This is done just to make sure the task is as hard as it can possibly be on the finalists, and, it was.

Usually the final episode is two hours long, but this year they're splitting that into two one hour shows, with the last show being the boardroom showdown next week. Of the two tasks this week, Kendra was clearly the winner. Tana, as I said in a previous post, is a zero and she lived up to that sum total this week.

Since this is TV, anything can happen. There's only one way Kendra could possibly lose: If Trump asks her a question and she starts drooling on herself. Other than that, I don't see Tana having a snowball's chance, period. But, as I said, this is TV.

And, I think it's great that a woman is going to win this year, though only one of them truly deserves it.

You go, Kendra!

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