Thursday, April 28, 2005


Trump is the man. However, he was wrong tonight when he fired Alex. Everyone makes mistakes and that includes Trump.

Alex had a decision to make when they reformed the teams; he could choose Kendra to join him and make a very powerful team, or he could choose Tana, which would leave Kendra and Craig together to implode, since they hate each other. He chose Tana and I thought it was an ok decision, but I would've gone the other way.

Tana's team lost by a country mile and in the boardroom it was clear she was out the door. But, she brought to Trump's attention that she had a better record as a Project Manager than Alex had. Trump asked Alex what his record was as a PM and he answered incorrectly, making it appear that he had not lost as many times. It was an honest mistake, but Trump latched onto that mistake and sent him packing.

It was obvious their team lost because of Tana's lack of focus during the project, but Trump saw it differently. I think he was wrong. Last week I predicted Tana would be fired. I was so close.

My odds on favorite for the win is Kendra.

Trump, you're on suspension!!!

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