Thursday, April 28, 2005


I know I've mentioned Neo-Neocon before, but I just finished reading her last installment of the Vietnam series. It's called, "A Mind is a difficult Thing to Change." This is so good that her next project in this series should be writing a book proposal to a publisher. That good. She clearly has a talent for the written word, coupled with her passion for the subject matter, a book is the next logical step. Go forth, Neo. Her site is in my blogroll and once there, the series is in the right margin.

While at Neo's site, I ran across another great blog: Vietpundit. I like this blog for several reasons: One, he has some great posts; two, he embodies what America is all about; three, he's a great admirer of Ronald Reagan--what's not to like here? I'm adding him to my BLOGROLL and encourage you to venture over to his site.

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