Friday, May 20, 2005


First, thanks to everyone for the comments and the many, many emails. And thanks for the links at Hugh Hewitt, Polipundit, and Michelle Malkin.

All the emails were emotionally charged, and some quite lengthy. The ones that stood out to me were the ones I received from troops in Iraq; these boys and girls are not pleased with the CFO's comments at the graduation, or with her so-called apology. Mark Bowler sent me one that listed every Pepsico product made in the world; he calls this his "no-go list" and it's now on his fridge. All emails were in this vein, but Mark made it a research project of sorts. Pepsico must know that consumers like Mark are not alone.

I called Pepsico this morning and asked if the current batch of comments posted at their website was all they planned to do. Her reply was that the current comments posted by the CFO had been shared with the media. When I pressed her about any plans the CEO had regarding a TV appearance, she took my number, website address, and had Mike Milipano call me at my home, which was 10 minutes later.

When Mr. Milipano called, he stated that any plans for an appearance on TV has not been shared with his consumer relations department yet. But, he added, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Everyone I talked to today was very professional, but the tone had changed from yesterday's. Today, after each question, they would pause to make sure they gave the correct response. Very cautious and you could tell they're in a wait and see mode.

Hugh Hewitt hit the nail on the head yesterday, when he said the CEO should be doing everything in his power to get in front of a TV crew, in an attempt to protect his brand name, and at the same time say something positive about our nation. He should've been on TV by now.

Before the end of business today, I hope to see Mr. Reinemund on TV using the same comments Trump has made famous.

Let's see if "We've got the right one, baby!"

NOTE: Listen to what Hugh Hewitt has to say on his radio show today at 3:00 PST. And, Michelle Malkin is filling in for Bill O'Reilly tonight. Don't miss either of them!!! I'm sure Pepsi will be discussed.

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