Sunday, October 16, 2005


Mike Wallace isn't dead yet, but if he were, he'd be rolling over in his grave. His son, Chris Wallace, who works for Fox News, said the following in an interview Friday:

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace said Friday that since leaving the mainstream networks behind to join Fox he's noticed an "astonishing" amount of biased reporting on the part of his former colleagues.

Color me surprised. It looks like we're starting to make some progress on getting the word out about media bias. The only other big-time "talking head" from the MSM that has come forward is Bernie Goldberg, and since doing so the MSM has labeled him as a loose cannon with an axe to grind. However, thinking, rational folk know he's spot-on with his analysis of the bias in journalism today and in the past. Watch to see what the MSM has to say about Mike's little boy.

Let's hope this starts a trend with others stepping forward to admit the obvious. Chris' next guest should be Goldberg--now that would be interesting. Read the article here.

----OTHER NEWS----

***A high-profile homicide in San Francisco that will most certainly get lots of air time. A TV legal analyst is smack in the middle of it, and we all know who the police consider their #1 suspect: The husband. I wonder how his collegues at Court TV are going to handle this delicate situation?

*** This could very well be the biggest a-hole in the blogoshere. Matthew Heidt, at Froggy Ruminations, takes this jerk to task for his ridiculous attempt at humor. As a former jumpmaster and USPA C-License holder (#12045), I can assure you this guy would've been kicked off our dropzone and banished forever. There is no way you can allow someone this stupid to be around student jumpers.

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