Monday, May 02, 2005


Cedric the Entertainer was the headliner at the WHCD, and he was funny. But Laura Bush owned the room when she took the podium. The material was fantastic and her delivery was flawless. At one point the camera panned the room and caught a shot of Al Franken, who didn't appear to be enjoying himself. I got the feeling he wanted to bolt for the mic and shout to the crowd, "Bush lied! Bush lied!" Al is so insignificant.

60 Minutes served up its latest Bush-bash piece featuring a former Gitmo linguist, Sgt. Saar. In the piece, Saar mentions an incident where a Saudi, who was taking flight training here in the US, was exposed to bizarre sexual torture. Unbuttoning of a top, touching of breasts....ect., doesn't strike me as torture, religious beliefs aside. Give me a break! You want torture? How about talking to your loved ones for the last time on your cell phone, and then having to decide whether to burn to death or jump to the pavement a thousand feet below?

I wasn't surprised to see the ACLU stick its ugly mug into the discussion, either. They always have something stupid to say. Their agenda does more harm than good when it comes to our nation. If they had their way, our nation would be destroyed but we would be comforted to know that we played by the rules. Some comfort, huh? I think the rules have changed.

Sgt. Saar was hired by the Army, given a Top Secret clearance, and sent to Gitmo for a few months. Now he's hawking a book. It's obvious the Army made a bad hire in the case of Sgt. Saar.

Rosie on Geraldo's show: Sickening. No futher comment.

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