Thursday, April 28, 2005


Ted Kennedy, in my opinion, is a dangerous man. In my day to day discussions with people, I have noticed that many don't really know much about his past, or any of the details of the incident at Chappaquiddick. To know and understand Chappaquiddick is to know Ted Kennedy.

Since Ted likes to take shots at our Nation, I feel it's my duty, my responsibility, to take a shot at him whenever I can. Don't get me wrong, Ted has every right to voice his objections concerning any mistakes we as a nation have made and the policies we put forth. However, when we have troops in harm's way, our young men and women, his ventings should be from behind closed doors and outside the media's attention. Attempting to do damage to any administration at the cost of troop morale and lives is unacceptable and unamerican.

After being released from the Army in the late '70s, I attended college and had a magnificent poli-sci professor, Dr. David Yamada. He exposed me to "critical thinking" and once had a retired CIA agent come to class to discuss JFK's assassination. It was an eye opening experience and one that would encourage me to do research on my own to understand the Kennedy family and what happened to them in the '60s. What the CIA agent said in class caused many of the older students to become upset. At the time I didn't understand why this was the case, but later it made sense. The agent was required to have a tape recorder running while he talked so there would be a record of everything he extended to us. I was amazed at what he said and it made me want to know more.

In this class we learned many things about the Kennedys, Chappaquiddick was part of the discussion, so I took the time to find my notes from class and found a website with the same information I received. To know and understand Ted Kennedy, you must read the information at this site. Afterwards, you will wonder, as I do, why his state feels that he's the best they can come up with to serve them in the Senate.

Chappy Days begins on July 18th.

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