Thursday, August 25, 2005


If you're a bad guy in Iraq, you don't want to see a Cobra Attack Helicopter in flight from the front. More than likely it will be the last thing you ever see, especially with Howdy and Hurl at the controls.

Recently, Howdy received orders to exit Iraq, and he indicates that he's now stuck in Kuwait. He'll keep us informed as to where he finally ends up.

Hurl, on the other hand, is still flying missions against the bad guys. One of Hurl's recent posts is about the other pilots serving in Iraq. They come from all walks of life and you'd be surprised at who they are and the jobs they hold back here in the States. Here's a sample:

"One is a real estate agent. One a high school biology teacher. One is the former CFO of one of the largest HMO’s in America. One is the CFO of a large municipality in Southern California. One a commercial building contractor. Some are engineers. Many are entrepreneurs and/or own their own businesses."

Last week I sent Hurl the link for Raquel Welch's interview with Neil Cavuto because I thought he'd enjoy seeing someone from Hollywood standing up and showing support for all the troops. He did enjoy it and took the time to send me an email thanking me. Next time you're surfin' around, stop by and see his blog.

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